Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I haven't been doing much blogging, but it's not because I haven't done anything blog-able. I've just been busy with my new girl and my garden, camping with family, building the new fence and gate... I found some great books I just had to read, and I've been learning to do a lot of cooking from scratch. One of my favorite things I've made instead of buying lately is granola. So easy and so much better, I think.

So this morning I had blackberries from my garden with homemade granola and yogurt (store bought - I'm not that skilled yet).

I want to get some photos up of my garden. This is my 4th year having a garden and it's turned out really great this year. It's taken a few years to get things going the way I want, and I still have some things to figure out, but at least I'm sticking to it! So, photos to come!

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Lisa said...

Now I need your granola recipe!